Tonninger I Schermaier I Maierhofer & Partner Rechtsanwälte (GbR)

S-Code S103379
Rilkeplatz 8, A-1040 Vienna
T:    +43 (0)1 218 44 40
F:     +43 (0)1 218 44 40-88

Dr. Bernhard Tonninger

R-Code:    R148771
UID:          ATU 57213027

Dr. Stefan Schermaier

R-Code:    R148625
UID:         ATU 57354712

Mag. Werner Maierhofer

R-Code:    R147222
UID:          ATU 61915869

Mag. Clemens Schmied

R-Code:    R165785
UID:       ?? ATU 64739457

Supervisory authority and chamber affiliation: Vienna Bar Association

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